We are pleased to share the Taxand contribution for the OECD – OCDE Public Consultation Document Secretariat Proposal for the Global Anti-Base Erosion Proposal (“GloBE”) – under Pillar Two published on 8 November 2019.

Thanks and congratulations for the great job of the team involved: Marc Alms (Alvarez and Marsal Taxand – USA) and Stefano Bognandi (LED Taxand – Italy) TP Service Line co-chairs, Tim Wach – Managing Director of Taxand (Canada), Jimmie van der Zwaan (Taxand Netherlands – Netherlands), Paolo Ruggiero (LED Taxand – Italy), Francesco Cardone (LED Taxand – Italy), Mary Anne Inguanez (Avanzia Taxand – Malta), Nadia Altenburg (Taxand Germany FGS – Germany), Pierre Bonamy (Arsene Taxand – France).

Read and download the article: