Company Welfare

Company Welfare is a constantly growing phenomenon that involves companies and employees, becoming an important lever for the development and competitiveness of businesses.

In the last few years, company welfare has seen increasing interest on the part of businesses, thanks above all to the intervention of the tax legislator who has recently contributed to make wage integration policies based on the provision of benefits to employees and their families particularly convenient. In fact, upon specific conditions, these forms of wage integration do not give rise to taxable income for the employee, while the relative costs are deductible by the employer.

With a team of dedicated professionals LED is able to provide companies with the broadest support in managing the whole tax framework starting from the earliest stages of identifying the company welfare strategies and the most adequate contractual tools for the execution of the related plans. We also have the experience to assist employers in the subsequent phases of defining and implementing welfare plans and support them, where required, in managing the relations with second-level union representatives.

We are also able to offer customized and innovative solutions that respond to the specific needs of the employees while guaranteeing the optimization of the tax burden for the company.

Finally, our professionals have the experience and skills necessary to assist companies in managing the relations with the Tax Authorities in the course of ruling procedures aimed at obtaining validation of employee welfare benefits plans under completion which embed particular tax issues.